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Hesburger restaurants always have tasty burgers and friendly service, no matter where you visit us. We follow our chain’s concept with precision in all our activities.

Hesburger’s products are renowned for their great taste. In addition to great taste, a successful Hesburger experience also requires the existence of high-quality, competitive, easy-to-access products.

Our team training is always up to date, making customer service one of our major strengths. We also make sure our facilities are clean and product quality remains the same. A precise chain concept keenly followed makes sure that these important factors get their due attention.

We pay great attention to product development: we keep an eye on food trends and preferred tastes and listen to our customers’ feedback. Hesburger is independent in many aspects, as we make our own mayonnaise and dressings and the majority of the machines, devices and programmes utilised in the chain. Centralised logistics and novel device development enables us to save money and environment.

Hesburger’s story began in 1966, in Naantali, Finland, where a married couple, Heikki and Kirsti Salmela, built their first grill kiosk Kievarin Grill. The Salmelas’ career in catering continued in the 70s in Turu area, where their Puutorin Grill became very popular among the local community.

In the 80s, when fast food culture became widespread in Finland, the first fast food restaurants emerged. In 1980, the first Hesburger restaurant was opened in Turu in the new Hansakortteli shopping centre.


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