Location and parking

Soodsaid parkimisvõimalusi leiab altpoolt kaardilt.

  • Port Artur 1

    Hommiku 2, Pärnu

  • Port Artur 2

    Lai 11, Pärnu

  • Port Arturi parkimismaja

    Lai 7, Pärnu

  • Tsoon EP74

Port Artur is located in a paid parking area in the city center and parking is paid around the house.
The figure above shows the parking options around Port Artur 1 (PA1) and Port Artur 2 (PA2).


Payable 24/7
Check out the parking conditions here.
Each half-hour starts with € 0.50
1 hour 1 €
1 day 5 €
Monthly pass: €50/month*

You will need to pay 16 € for ticket loss.

NB! Be sure to bring your parking ticket when leaving the parking garage. A parking ticket provides access.
The maximum height of the vehicle may be 2 meters and entry into the trailer is prohibited.
Mobile parking does not work.
* Subject to a one-off card purchase fee of €7.20 upon registration. For more information, please refer to the Port Artur 2 3-rd floor Cafe Piano.


Paid E-P 8:00 – 18:00
Wide 10 (riverside) parking lot L-P free
30 minutes € 0.50
1 day 5 €
2 hour free with parking clock
Mobile parking


To start parking, you need to send message to 1902.
Write in the message: car no, space, zone. For example: 123ABC EP74
To stop parking, call 1903.
The mobile operator’s parking start-up fee is € 0.32, and the fee is calculated in 30 minutes.