Port Artur shopping centre which has operated in Pärnu since 1997 is well-known for its quality in Pärnu County and also further. The centre is located in the heart of Pärnu on the border of the old town and in the vicinity of the bus station and the concert hall.
One of the buildings of the centre has been erected on the ruins of the historic building where the architects have skilfully combined the old with the new. The name of the centre has also been derived from the ancient building – in the beginning of the 20th century Estonian men were recruited here to be sent to the Russian-Japanese war. Port Artur 2 is a completely new and modern building established on the grounds of the former railway depot.
Port Artur shopping centre is a modern and popular place to shop. The two buildings in total have 20 000 square meters of general area of which commercial premises comprise 80%. Port Artur 2 is a modern building with an interesting solution and offers great experiences for the whole family. After comprehensive renovations of the interior and exterior which lasted for four months, the building of Port Artur 1 was reopened on 10 May 2012. Approximately 80 enterprises offer their goods and services in the two buildings of Port Artur which makes Port Artur a shopping centre with one of the widest selection of goods in Pärnu.
Within the next couple of years the plan is to build another large leisure and shopping centre at the river. The general area of the centre shall be approximately 70 000 square meters with sufficient spaces for cars and opportunities for spending free time for the whole family.
Port Artur is a pleasant and family-friendly shopping centre for thousands of people since 1997.

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Port Artur