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The story of Levi’s dates all the way back to the 1850s, when Levi Strauss, born in Germany, had a small wholesale company in San Francisco, where he sold jeans and denim under Levi’s trademark to miners and resellers. Jacob Davis, one of Strauss’ customers, came up with an idea to reinforce pocket corners with copper rivets. As he did not have the required money to register a patent, he suggested Strauss that they go into business together. On 20 May 1873 the US Patent and Trademark Office registered Patent 139,121. Thus the jeans as we know them today, were born.

The foundation of Levi’s success undoubtedly lies in its versatility and unparalleled range. Namely, the brand’s range includes plenty of comfortable and durable materials and styles, plus a wide range of models that should make it super easy for every man and woman of various body types to find their favourite pair of jeans.

Levi’s offers a variety of jeans both for men and women. Our store also features other casual clothes and footwear.


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