Lahe Kinnisvara

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LAHE Kinnisvara was created by experienced experts from the fields of real estate and finance.
Our founding members are Rein Koov, Krista Nõmm, Andrus Viks, Virgo Laansoo, Karin Lapp, Mario Kirsipuu and Taavo Vainomaa.

LAHE Kinnisvara was established de facto in June 2017 on the border of Lahe and Natturi villages on the shore of Käsmu Bay.
LAHE stands for our values we follow in our work.

L stands for Lihtsus – Simplicity. Our services are always simple and understandable.
A stands for Avatus and Ausus – Openness and Honesty. We are open and honest and we listen to our customers’ wishes and aims.
H stands for Hoolivus – Consideration. We care about our customers and their property.
E stands for Eeskuju – Role-modelling. We set the example with our service quality.



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