Kauni Kudumid

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Kauni KUDUMID boutique is for women, who value quality, romance and style.

Our brand, Kauni, has been on the Nordic market since 1996. Our knitwear is designed by Kauni Sillat and produced at Kauni Knittings workshop in Pärnu, Estonia.

The boutique offers a friendly and supporting experience and our range includes wool cardigans, jackets, ponchos, pullovers, scarves, leggings, skirts, hats, gloves, socks, etc., of various sizes. The majority of our products are for women, but we also offer men’s and children’s cardigans and accessories.

Our knitwear draws inspiration from the Estonian nature and national patterns. Our entire collection is brushed, giving our products a cosy feel. Woollen knitwear is perfect for keeping yourself warm in winter and saving warmth accumulated during the day in tender summer nights.
As we are all unique, we also offer custom-size sweaters.


Phone: 5383 4616

Email: ks@kauni.ee

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